Dear Readers I Want to Thank You

…Gratitude and Links Galore

April 13, 2020, was the very first post of my blog, I was incredibly nervous putting my work out there without David, my writing partner. We also had a blog together (which has evolved into a newsletter) and although the first post on the Counios and Gane blog also made me nervous, it made me less nervous doing it with Dave. I could count on him to edit my work, think critically about content, and make sure everything was running smoothly.

However, there came a time to leave the nest. I did. The journey has been a pleasure for me. I like to babble and story tell. I’ve journaled my whole life. This feels like a natural next step. Hopefully, I have prompted someone else’s thoughts. Maybe I’m the smallest influence on someone. Or, perhaps a big one. Maybe this is just a good brain dump. In any case, the process of finding content once a week, observing my life, locating or creating an original photo, and sharing has been good for me and I hope that it’s been good for some of you.

I want to say thank you to anyone who typed their email to get notifications. Thank you if you read a post. Thank you if you told someone else to read a post or check out my blog. Thank you for tolerating the unedited versions of tellings I have on here. Thank you for recommending and sharing. Thank you if you commented on a post. Thank you if you liked a post. Thanks for the precious minutes it may have taken you to read my words and thank you for the positive energy you have put out there in my general direction. I’m sure on those days I needed it. I did indeed feel it. Thank you to those of you who searched me out, read my about page, or spent a little time looking into the parts of me I put on here.

I am grateful. I did this blog thing with no real clue what my intention was besides storytelling and that’s okay. I’ll just keep on keeping on and hopefully, some of you will keep on with me.


Me, the blogger of this thing.

The rest of this blog is about my personal favorites, the top stories (according to the stats) year by year, and of course, honorable mentions. If you’re curious, keep reading. You can click on the titles to go directly to the specific post.

The numbers

Since the beginning, I have written 170 posts. My goal was to write a post a week. I’m just over that by 14. I have had 8147 views. And, I have 195 subscribers. Wow! That’s amazing. I know it’s not viral but it’s wonderful. One hundred and ninety-five subscribers like my meandering storytelling enough to hit the subscribe button. Some may be bots, but for those of you who are not, I am so incredibly grateful. I have done my best to be as accurate as possible when quoting someone, giving credit where credit is due, and using my own photos. If I didn’t use my own photos I was sure to ask permission. I’m also open to corrections where necessary—which I always appreciate.

My personal favorites

Black Lives Matter: Part One and Black Lives Matter: Part Two Because they matter.

Just Like Riding a Bike When I learned to ride a bike, a couple years ago. It’s never too late.

Roughing It: a soft spot in my heart and My Love of Camping or Roughing It Part Two

Taking Steps to Happiness

Lessons From A Hitchhiker: Part One and Why I Travel: (Lessons from a Hitchhiker: Part Two) I don’t recommend picking up hitchhikers but this experience worked out nicely for me.

David and I

We Are Stardust

Shepherd and Wolfe and Student A When I personally know teenagers who choose courage over fear.

The Fight I Lost With Christmas A time I was glad to shift my perspective.

The Magic of Music

Honorable mentions

Books I Loved in 2020 THIS!! I woke up to see that Book Faries Canada put our second book on their favorite list. That’s great as a stand-alone statement, however, it was listed along with Barack Obama’s A Promised Land, Rupi Kaur’s Home Body, Margaret Atwood’s Dearly (OMG!), How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa, Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Know My Name by Chanel Miller. How? How!! HOW did this happen? I am so excited STILL and so grateful. Thank you Cordelia Oxley for starting the Book Fairies. Thank you Emma Watson for launching it worldwide.

Things That Are Necessary Dreams.

Long Shadows Summer.

The Magic of Willingness Changing perspective can change moods.

According to the stats the top five posts of:


An Open Letter to the Lady at the Beach I met a really cool older woman, and maybe, by magic a look into the future at my older self.

Condoms, Alcohol, Babysitting, and Tears A short story about a funny but disastrous evening with children.

52 Things I am Grateful For I realized aging is an opportunity to really dig this life in a reflective way.

Take a Good Long Look This is my only (almost) Covid-19 post.

If You Drink, This May Offend As a person who has grappled with co-dependence I considered alcohol consumption and social norms.


International Women’s Day speaks for itself.

53 Lessons This is another birthday list for those who like lists and the reflection that comes with them. A good read for the middle-aged.

New Year’s Eve Traditions This is a cultural collection of traditions.

Mountains, Microbreweries, and Middle Age Part 1 If you’re in your 50s and think it’s over, it’s not. And, if you read part 1, give 2 and 3 a go.

The Craziest Week of My Life—So Far The completely unembellished and crazy seven days of an ordinary, unbelievable, and true week.


54 Successes Big and Small Another birthday reflection as I head into my mid-50s.

Taking Tests For Romance (although written in 2020 was a hit in 2022) This is about smashing ice cream in the face of your date to see if they are the one.

Conversations On Memory The past is an effective teacher.

We Are Stardust This was a reminder to me of how significantly insignificant we are and how dreamy and pretty that idea can be.

When Two Places Feel Like Home For anyone who loves more than one place to travel to.

The leftovers

Ladies and Gentlemen, Leonard Cohen

Time Traveling in My Neighborhood

Let’s Wrap This Up

Once again, thank you kindly for the time you have taken to keep up with me and read when you have a moment here and a moment there. I am very grateful. I think coming from the perspective of being a high school teacher and forcing people to read, it’s just so special to know that individuals are reading, with intention and self-motivation. For this, I also have gratitude.

I will keep babbling here at and hopefully, I can continue to entertain you through words.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading lovelies.

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