Mountains, Microbreweries & Middle-age: Part 1

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I had such a great two week escapade in the Rockies and Okanagan region of Canada that I’m having trouble narrowing it all down into one blog post. So, welcome to part one. This post is a list of a variety of places we went, stayed, ate, drank and things we did. I’ve included some pictures because, well, they are worth a thousand words. But there will be more than one post. The part one title kind of gives that away.

This is a serious link and click not for the faint of heart as we did a lot in 15 days. It’s the meat and potatoes (or the tofu and potatoes for my vegetarian friends) of the first two weeks of July. The other posts will be a bit deeper. Anecdotal. Thoughtful.

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Medicine Hat was our first stop—a place to stretch our legs and grab some fuel for the vehicle and us.

Where we ate: Medicine Hat Brewing Company where our micro-brew road trip got a perfect kick off with the vibe I expect when I go to a microbrewery. The servers were incredibly friendly and the deck was sunny—a perfect pit stop.

Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller was an overnight visit to break up the drive west.

What we did: We explored the Hoodoos. and the town of Drumheller. Just before supper we took a drive by Wayne Ghost Town and the old mine.

Drinks: The Valley Brewing quenched our thirst after the climb.

Where we ate: Supper was at Yavis Restaurant.

Sleeps: Our lodgings were at Econo Lodge Inn. Was it clean? Yes. Was I happy? Yes. Would I recommend it in Drumheller? Yes.

Invermere, BC

Invermere was a six night stop.

Day One, Invermere

What we did: Because this was arrival day we didn’t do a lot—some basic exploring and a long walk before supper.

Where we ate: Lunch was at Station Pub overlooking the lake and an eagle nest.

Drinks: Arrowhead Brewery for brews and our meeting spot with the rest of the gang.

Sleeps: Castlerock. I don’t know what to call this—a neighborhood? Community? Fancy? The accommodations were beautiful and a great place to stay for six days. The view was as gorgeous as the kitchen so we cooked as much as we ate out. Nothing like a barbeque overlooking the forest and mountains.

Day Two, Invermere

What we did: We went to Greywolf Golf Course just to look around and have a drink. We drove along Toby Creek to Panorama, picked up groceries and went for a walk in town. Shops and people were plentiful. It was like the pandemic never happened.

Drinks: Greywolf Clubhouse for a cider and a beer overlooking the 18th hole. Lovely.

Where we ate: At home. We like cooking as much as we like eating out.

Day Three, Invermere

What we did: Old Coach Road for a long, hot hike and a cool off at Kinsmen Beach.

Where we ate: At home.

Drinks: On the deck.

Day Four, Invermere

What we did: I jogged by Abel Creek in the morning and after supper I returned bringing Kevin along. We hiked away from Abel Creek, south past a very formal pillared gate with no development—just the pillars. Creepy.

Drinks: Taynton Bay Spirits was in the same building as Station Pub so we popped in for samples and then purchased a round at Station Pub.

Where we ate: At home.

Day Five, Invermere

What we did: In the morning we hiked Lake Lillian Trails. This trail took my breath away.

After lunch we did a river float DIY style at DIY river float. The lady at the camp directed us to a starting spot. In the evening we went to Fairmont Natural Hot Springs—a bucket list check for me.

Drinks: Ullr Bar which I nicknamed the Viking Bar between the hike and the float. One must stay hydrated after all.

Where we ate: Hungry Rooster Food Truck for lunch. Supper was steak on the deck. Such a full day warranted a big meal.

Day Six, Invermere

What we did: Swansea Mountain Recreation Trails which I found challenging. Copper Point Golf Course because why not. We booked a pontoon at Pete’s Marina and spent until almost sunset on the water.

Where we ate: Peppi’s Italian Fuel pizza for pick up.

Drinks: At home.

Day Seven, Invermere

What we did: The Invermere Farmer’s Market where I purchased liquor and local honey, listened to guitar and fiddle players and just enjoyed a crowd—finally.

Everyone headed back to work. But this middle aged duo still had mountains see and climb, beers to drink and beaches to visit.

Golden, BC

What we did: Golden was going to be an in and out for my coffee addiction—but—we found a car wash bowling alley combo which was so freakin’ retro, a historic little main street and a brewery.

Drinks: Whitetooth Brewing Company and Purcell Coffee All needs were met.

Revelstoke, BC

Revelstoke, a sweet little town.

What we did: A big long walk along the lake at sunset and then a stroll through town. We discovered a stone archway and a town that might just be worth a second visit.

Where we ate: Lunch was at The Village Idiot for a hazy IPA and a burger. The server recommended we try free camping down by the river where we could sleep in the vehicle. We thanked her for the information and found a place.

Sleeps: The Cube—a hostel which reminded me I love hostels. I recommend it!

Drinks: Rumpus, the local micro-brewery and Old School Eatery, an old school reinvented as a restaurant and bar where we had a great chat with our server.

Honorable Mention: The Explorers Society Hotel. I have linked this place even though we didn’t stay at it for a couple of reasons: 1. It looked super cool. 2. I want to stay there some day. 3. The woman at the front desk was so incredibly helpful and sweet and offered information on alternate accommodations, places to eat and drink even though we weren’t clients. Amazing. Check it out if you’re there.

On our way out:

Drinks: Main Street Cafe for morning coffee.

What we did: We drove the coolest, craziest, curviest road I have been on (which says a lot as I have driven on a lot of Greek roads). This road took us from Revelstoke to Shelter Bay Ferry Terminal for the ferry across the lake. We carried on the noodle of a highway all the way to Nakusp using the Needles Cable Ferry and more curly roads.

Nakusp BC

This town was another pretty pit stop. I’m thinking there are no ugly places out here.

Where we ate: The Leland. It may be haunted. Just sayin’.

Vernon, BC

Drinks and Where we ate: Marten Brewing Company and Kelly O’Bryan’s

What we did: Kalamalka Lake, Juniper Beach, Jade Beach and a couple of hikes at Kalamalka Provincial Park as well as a tour of Predator Ridge.

More Drinks and Eats: Alexanders Beach Pub at night overlooking the waterfront.

And MORE drinks and eats: On recommendation we stopped at Predator Ridge.

Sleeps: Super 8 Vernon and Silver Star Motel The Super 8 is familiar but Silver Star wasn’t something we’d typically pick however we’re so glad we did. It was clean and the couple running it were so incredibly sweet. I recommend it.

Penticton, BC

What we did: It seems a routine developed. We started with a walk to get a sense of the place. We found a hotel and got our bearings. We spent time on Skaha Beach and enjoyed the vineyards and orchards.

Where we ate and Drinks: After the sunset we found Bad Tattoo Brewing for the most delicious New York style pizza and their locally crafted sour beers. Yum.

Penticton on day two

More Drinks and Eats: Wayne and Freda’s for a wake up coffee and a breakfast snack.

What we did: We came to the realization that we needed things for the beach. Canadian Tire supplied us with a beach umbrella and pool noodles to float because we are lazy. We filled our cooler with ice and food for a beach day until sunset. Supper was pretty lame— chips and granola bars at our hotel as things closed down fairly early there.

We toured four vineyards on the Naramata Bench.

Drinks: Serendipity Winery, Marichel, Kettle Valley Winery, Three Sisters Winery

Where we ate: Salty’s Beach House

More drinks and eats: Barley Mill Brew Pub for a too big plate of nachos.

Sleeps: Apple Tree Inn which, to be honest, I hesitated in the parking lot but fell in love with in a day and a half. Recommend!

Osoyoos, BC

Where we ate and Drinks: Owl Brew Pub for lunch,

What we did: We walked around the beach and explored the town. We popped into the Osoyoos Home Hardware store for cooler bag. It may seem weird to mention a hardware store but this place was outstanding. It literally had everything on all these levels. I can’t even begin to explain so just go.

Drinks: North Basin Craft Brewery

Where we ate: Pizza Factory and Roberto’s Gelato next door for dessert.

On Our Way Out:

Where we ate: Morning coffee and a breakfast bagel were at Jojo’s cafe

Sleeps: Boundary Motel I highly recommend this sweet little motel!

Fernie, BC

Fernie was a pit stop for fuel for us and the vehicle.

Where we ate and Drinks: The Brick House Bar and Grill for a quick lunch and we were off.

Taber Alberta

Taber Alberta was our last, lazy stop, basically a beer run and a place to sleep.

Sleeps: Super 8 It’s standard and good.

And we’re home!

This slightly disorganized itemized list is a sketch of our time west. Keep in mind it is through the eyes of two people in their early 50’s. I loved the experience. There are places I would go again and places I would not. There are places I drove by that I would drive by again and places I would stop. There is only so much we can do in this life and I guess the point is that what ever we do, we should try to stay open, willing, and happy, keeping expectations simple at any age. You never know what you will find.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures in this post especially this year ! It was great to live vicariously through your adventures! It also brought back some of our memories from past travels… 🙂

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