Morning Meetings

And now that I like mornings... Here's how our daily morning meetings look. I get a Ready? text from David and he gets a Yup from me. Facetime sounds. I tap on it. Most of the time I'm already in the kitchen getting coffee and making breakfast. Occasionally, when I sleep in a little (Yes,... Continue Reading →

Love It. Keep It. Hate It. Leave It.

Thanks to social media conversations and hilariously reflective radio DJs I have been left considering things I love when I was much younger. Man, sometimes I make myself sound so old! I'm not. I'm just experienced (wink). Things I love now that I hated when I was younger Salads. Fresh. Crispy. Delicious. A whole meal... Continue Reading →

Mornings, I Love You—Now.

I am very slowly evolving into a morning person. I didn't always like mornings---at all. Ins and outs I can pinpoint the moment I realized that maybe I was missing out by sleeping in. The shift in my attitude about early mornings changed in the early 2000s when I was forced to go out. I... Continue Reading →

Why Did I Build My House?

The obvious answer is that my old house was so old that I needed something better than a crumbling shack to live in. The follow-up answer is that I needed something to potentially sell as the old house would be tough to sell as it was such a dilapidated mess. The not-so-obvious answer is that... Continue Reading →

Dear Readers I Want to Thank You

...Gratitude and Links Galore April 13, 2020, was the very first post of my blog, I was incredibly nervous putting my work out there without David, my writing partner. We also had a blog together (which has evolved into a newsletter) and although the first post on the Counios and Gane blog also made... Continue Reading →

The Case For Being Unprepared

There are two main categories of people: A) Those who plan everything, all the time. Research. Research. Research. Details. Plan A. Plan B and C, and D, and even E. You get the picture. B) And then there are those who just go and wing it. No plans, just moving along like a cork in... Continue Reading →

Sharing is Caring

What you're about to read is a direct copy of the Counios and Gane newsletter. David said I shouldn't copy and paste it because we don't want to have the same content for both our Counios and Gane newsletters and my blog. However, I don't think we have the same audience...and I like the idea... Continue Reading →

Does Anyone Really Listen

People don't listen, they just wait for their turn to talk. Chuck Palahniuk That time it became obvious that people don't At the dentist, I had settled in for my bi-annual cleaning, right after summer holidays. The hygenist was clicking away at the keyboard. I could hear her but I couldn't see her because she... Continue Reading →

David and I

One of my daily tasks is to promote Counios and Gane on social media. I also have a smartphone that does things like gather up pictures that fit into a category. The phone shows me the photos in what feels like a "look what I did Ma" moment. This morning I saw a nice little... Continue Reading →

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