A Life Changing Book

The moment we work with others, we have to trust. We have to master negotiation, knowing when to dig in, when to let go, when to compromise, as well as when to defend parts of our craft or even our life. It's a dance and it's important---but without care, toes can get stepped on and... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Writing

Dave and I meet every morning at 7:30. Our meetings last anywhere from five minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes we build our story. Sometimes we talk business. Sometimes we simply check in. "You there? Yep. Meeting? Nope. Catch you tomorrow? Bye!" This is a different schedule than we've ever had. And, although I am not... Continue Reading →

Conversations on Memory

Sometimes dialogues hit just right. They teach. They compliment the moment and open doors that were shut. They can be something more than the basic how are you's and I'm fine's. Recently I had a dialogue with a friend that left me with a wistfulness I hadn't felt in a while. Maybe it was the... Continue Reading →

Viral Lessons

I'd like to apologize for lying. I said that I would only make one post about Covid-19 but this is my second post. Sorry. Actually, I think I'm going to throw my dear friend Barbara Bell under the proverbial bus. She came over for an impromptu visit. It's been 24 months since the initial pandemic... Continue Reading →

Photos, Fomo and Social Media

What is fomo Fomo stands for Fear Of Missing Out and for some people it is very real. With the development of social media and an online life FOMO is even more real than it would have been before the internet. But jealousy didn't begin just because Facebook was developed but it has certainly been... Continue Reading →

Traveling Then and Now

How we did it then In early adulthood I began tending the seedling of wanderlust. There was a process in those days that is quite different than how travel occurs today. It looked like this: I'd either call or pop in to a travel agency. The individual would look on their computer and log books... Continue Reading →

Details Direct

I am usually loaded with words---too many sometimes, if you ask Dave, my writing partner. You'd think that would be a blessing if you're a writer. Well, I have learned that it's more about finding the right words rather than having just a massive pile of them. One afternoon in the senior art class at... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Schedules

I have talked about time and schedules in past blog posts. I believe that schedule is not a four letter word, but time is. However I like four letter words. Just ask anyone who knows me. Ticking clocks While Tracy and I were walking through one of the gorgeous forest trails on Vancouver Island she... Continue Reading →

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