Things That Are Necessary

First: Air. Water. Food. Good health. Peace.

Next: A nice home. Employment to afford my needs—and my wants.

A new thing on the necessary list

Dreams. Full Stop.

I have been going through old journals for lonely blank pages that need some ink, some watercolor, and maybe some love. I found one ragged-eared thin little paperback, yellow pages deceivingly well used until I opened her. Words from 2011 reminded me I was on a trip to Italy with students. A couple of tickets to sites fell out. I remembered the trip. I smiled. There are stories from that time, but for whatever reason, I didn’t write them down. I tucked this book away along with the memories that I kept to myself—until recently.

This old journal not only gave me blank pages to use up but I was also given a lesson. On an otherwise first blank page, with black ink I wrote the following quote:

Dreams are necessary to life.

Anais Nin

Twelve years later

Do you believe that we are given the lessons—reminders—memories when we need them?

I do.

And if nothing more, this whisper from twelve years ago reminded me that my dreams are necessary to my life and that I can command my experiences. It’s been a slow turn of the dial over the decade (plus). A sweet ripple in my pond from then to now. I don’t know exactly what I was dreaming about then—not exactly but I can guess with a relatively accurate heart.

Leo B. Helzel said that a goal is a dream with a deadline. Leo’s right. I’ve been dreaming but I’ve also been working—setting goals, big and small. I suppose work (capital ‘W’) is also necessary to life, to get where I want to go.


And what about that. Where in this breathe-in breathe-out life does magic fit in among the dreams and the dreamer? Maybe it’s in the dust of every day—sparking snow in the moonlight—the fragrance of citrus and dark coffee wafting up in the morning darkness—a hot shower—the hyacinth on the counter that reminds me that spring is coming. And, well, maybe it’s in opening the journal and being reminded that my dreams are necessary.

The last page of my journal had another quote:

Behold the dreamer cometh!

Genesis 37:19


As always, thank you for reading lovelies.

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