Why Did I Build My House?

The obvious answer is that my old house was so old that I needed something better than a crumbling shack to live in.

The follow-up answer is that I needed something to potentially sell as the old house would be tough to sell as it was such a dilapidated mess.

The not-so-obvious answer is that I built my new house from scratch (kind of like the flour tortillas I made the other day)—to prove that I could. I proved to myself that I could do this thing by myself—without a partner, a co-decision maker, or a fellow negotiator. It was all me. I moved my life forward with success because I am that focused and dedicated to my decisions. I decided. So I did. Yay me.

Here I am on the left. It’s done. On the right, framing progress. Same spot.

I found one more reason

The above is all true, but if I dig a little further there’s one less obvious but super fabulous reason I built my house. It was a lesson for an unwavering belief in my future.

I didn’t even realize it until recently. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about creating the life I want and how I should go about doing it. There are a lot of articles, blogs, and especially TikToks on this very subject. Manifesting. The bottom line is that you just have to really believe it as if it’s true. I reflected on times in my life when I was absolutely confident in my future without fully knowing the specifics of how each circumstance would unfold. The most recent example was connected to building my house.

The conversations

When I began telling people that I was building a new house on the property of my old house the conversation would go like this:

Everybody: You’re tearing your entire house down?

Me: Yep, right down to the foundation. There will be nothing left.

Everybody: Wow. Good for you.

Me: Thanks.

Everybody: How long will it take?

Me: Nine to ten months

Everybody: So, where are you going to live?

Me: I dunno. I’m homeless.

Everybody: silence and blinking

Me: And I’m not worried about it. (grinning)

Everybody: Good luck with that.

I spoke the words I’m homeless and I’m not worried about it with a ridiculous amount of confidence—and truth. I wasn’t worried about my circumstance in the least. I just knew, as if it had already happened, that I had a place to live and that it would be a perfect and free arrangement. I also recall smiling every single time I said it—as if I had a secret about my temporary arrangements during the months of the build. Truth is I didn’t have any kind of pre-arranged situation. No plan at all. I just had faith. Crazy blind faith, and trust that I would find something that would check all the boxes of my needs. There wasn’t even a flutter of nervousness in those words.

Guess what?

I found somewhere to live that exceeded my expectations and created a very special friendship with the person I lived with. I was (am) blessed.

Best roommate ever! I adore this woman.

What was the lesson—for me?

As I go forward in my life dreaming of future aspirations, goals, successes and wants I think about the feeling of I’m homeless and I’m not worried about it. That’s the feeling I’m eating like a vitamin every morning because I know without any doubt that my plans are going to work out. Why? Because there is absolutely no reason they should not.

As always, thank you for reading lovelies.

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