Books I Loved in 2020

The Book Fairies is an organization started by Hollywood actress Emma Watson. A few years ago she launched an international project that would see more than 1000 books left in public spaces for people to enjoy. The Book Fairies started in London, England with the Books on the Underground project but has now spread around the world and the 1000 books has grown.

As an author I love, love, love this idea. Some years ago I was leaving books in manila envelopes around my city just because. I didn’t know it was a thing. Turns out I was a book fairy without even knowing it. Pretty darn cool!

I had a magical moment when at a pop up shop selling our Shepherd and Wolfe series a woman walked in and introduced herself as the local Book Fairy. I freaked out! How exciting! I love book fairies! And she loved us! She came with the intention of buying our books to read—not to give away. That interaction made my day! David and I have given books to the Book Fairies for the purpose of leaving in public spaces to be found by readers.

So that’s the background on the Book Fairies.

Over the Christmas break I noticed that Counios and Gane were tagged on Instagram. I went to the page and saw that bookfairies_canada had tagged us. The post simply said: #2020BookFairies for us all to share our very FAVOURITE reads from the year! Share your favourite or a grid of your favourites using the hashtag so we can all add even more amazing reads to our TBR!

This year has been pretty difficult but we’ve read so many incredible stories to help us through.

In the image were the following books: Home Body by Rupi Kaur, How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa, , Know My Name by Chanel Miller, A Promised Land by Barack Obama, Becoming by Michelle Obama, Dearly by Margaret Atwood and Shepherd’s Watch by Counios and Gane Yes! We are on that list.

This post completely blind sided me!

I am so excited that we are one of Bookfairies_canada’s picks for 2020! I am also stunned and honored with our contenders and also pause in gratitude to our publisher, a hybrid local publishing company, YNWP, who seems to make each of our books so beautiful putting them in with Penguin Random House, Crown and Little Brown and Company.

Shepherd’s Watch is the second in the Shepherd and Wolfe Mysteries. I think it’s my favourite in the series. We aren’t supposed to have favourites, are we? And even though I love it very much I refer to Shepherd’s Watch as the ugly step sister because for some reason we just don’t sell as many of those as Along Comes a Wolfe or Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing.

Even though this has been a slag of a year for many we still had this moment, this acknowledgement. People still found time to quietly read and distract themselves with the written page. Beautiful!

I also found time for reading. Here are my mentions for #2020BookFairies.

Let’s keep reading!

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