Happy Announcements: A Reason to Celebrate

Shepherd and Wolfe did it again

On Friday, March 24th at noon at the Regina Public Library, the Saskatchewan Book Awards announced the shortlist for their annual awards in May. David and I were nominated for our latest book in the Shepherd and Wolfe mystery series!

Shepherd’s Call is in the running for an award on May 4th at the Saskatchewan Book awards in Saskatoon. I never ever take these moments for granted. They seem pretty surreal to me. I mean how did we do it—again? I’m not exactly sure, but I’m glad that whatever it was, all our hard work has been acknowledged once more.

On the day of the announcement I went to school as I always do, but I took a little more care in how I dressed. I’m usually elbows deep in clay and paint. This day I double-aproned my outfit. David picked me up just before noon and we made our way to the library. There I watched Dave work the room far better than I did. I knew very few people. I recognized some folks but this was way more his scene, which I liked observing from where I stood.

I took a seat right at the front. As a teacher, I always wonder why no one wants to sit near the instructor/presenter. We are nice people. I promise. With that in mind, I made sure the front row wasn’t reserved and I grabbed two seats. The writer in residence of the library read through the list of fourteen categories of nominees—and there we were—on the list. Awesome.

City of Regina Book Award

Along with us are four other books:

  • Perfect Timing—Recollections of coping with cancer during a pandemic by Barbara Reul
  • The History Forest by Michael Trussler
  • The Sunday Book by Michael Trussler
  • Then I’ll Be Famous by David Robert Loblaw

I’m happy for these folks too because I know what it takes to write a book—or four! I’m also happy for our publisher, Heather Nickel, and all the work she has done to make our mystery series as polished as possible. The recognition alone is pretty terrific as there were a lot of books sent across Canada to be adjudicated by people in other provinces and from those stacks we made it.

This is Counios and Gane’s third nomination with the Saskatchewan Book Awards. I am so proud that all our hard work has been acknowledged yet again.

Celebrations have begun!

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