Success, And With It, Gratitude

Wednesday morning I woke up to a post on Twitter. It said:

Congratulations to the 2022 Moonbeam Book Award finalists and winners–including a few from YNWP:

Counios & Gane for Shepherd’s Call (Gold Medal) Angie Counios, Author

Alberta-Rose Bear, Kathleen O’Reilly and Lindsey Bear for nimosôm anima–nimihšōmihš ta-minciwēnciman: Grandfather’s Reminder (Silver Medal)

and Alison Lohans and Gretchen Ehrsam for The 1-Dogpower Garden Team (Silver Medal)!!

Many thanks to Creative Saskatchewan for their ongoing support of Saskatchewan-published books!


David and I completed Shepherd’s Call, the fourth book in the Shepherd and Wolfe series, in the spring. It took a while to get it out there but the relief that we finally got to hold it in our hands after such a long haul was gratifying.

Each book in our series has had either an award (domestic or international) or has been a nominated finalist at a variety of competitions. It feels like the little series that could. Truth be told, after five years of working through these stories I have to say that there was the tiniest doubt that maybe this book may not get the recognition of the others. Maybe I felt like this because of the time it took. Maybe I wondered if the same energy and quality could be put out there time after time. But, here I am, with a very full heart, screaming Woohoo at the top of my lungs that Shepherd’s Call was selected and won.

I have gratitude for my writing partner. I have gratitude for my editor and publisher. I have gratitude for the adjudicators at the Moonbean Awards. I have gratitude for this little series that keeps people engaged and coming back for more and finally, I have so much gratitude for the people who love these stories, the readers.

As always (and especially today) thank you for reading, lovelies.

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