Summer Time Work and Rest

I have really been enjoying going through old posts from a former blog with Counios and Gane. I see evolution in myself and what’s important—like somethings I thought mattered don’t. And I’ve seen some consistencies as well—other things mattered a few years ago still do.

We’ve been grounded a little longer because of Covid-19 and policies around travel (which I am okay with) but I have been reading some of my old travel posts just to remind myself of the travel days. Writing and traveling had a bumpy start but I think I may have figured it out. This post reflects some of those thoughts just a few years ago.

I’m back from Greece

I love traveling and along with it I accept that there is always some level of discomfort. Things like changing where I sleep every couple of days, having to adjust to the routines of others, doing things that are physically tougher than what I would do back home all take their toll. But it doesn’t matter because who I meet and what I see and eat and drink and experience is worth the tired that I may feel.

Real traveling for the most part is not easy. It’s not comfortable. If you want easy and comfortable stay home or go to a resort and “pretend travel.” This last comment is by no means meant to offend yet in the resorts (which I have also tried) you don’t meet locals or eat the real local food or do much of anything which is okay if that’s your plan. But don’t think that you can return with an authentic experience of that country.

Working writing holiday

I had a couple of intentions on this trip. One was to get to the halfway point of Shepherd’s Watch so that Dave could step in and carry on from there.

The other intention was to get rested so that I would have some oomph to keep working when I got home. I teach full time and I write, pretty much fulltime. So, in the summer I drop the teaching gig. My work load is cut in half and I am grateful. It’s actually a holiday of sorts. You see rest is as important as work. Without rest I would end up hitting the wall much faster than I’d like to. I never apologize for lightening a load.

Mission accomplished

This trip has been one of the most restful trips I have taken. I wrote every morning and then went to the beach daily to fuel up with some serious solar power. Not everyone needs this, but I do. And I don’t apologize for that either. I saw family and friends, ate fresh food and worked on relaxing. I’ve been back three days although it feels like much longer. Jet lag has kicked my ass but I have enough solar power stored up that I am ready to carry on…with a tan.


I reposted a travel and writing post from 2015 and it was pretty much a disaster. Two years later I mastered writing and also being on holidays. I’m glad because that’s ultimately what I’m manifesting. I look forward to many more years of this kind of positive, productive and restful experience.

*Originally posted August 10, 2017

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