Wanderlust in the Time of Restrictions

Wanderlust is part of who I am. I carry it around like a tattoo permanently stuck to me. When I can’t go anywhere I just go out onto a grid road, picnic it up, feet on dash, coffee in hand and carry on like I’m seeing that horizon for the first time. I watch the birds. I listen to the sounds. I take it all in. I look for solutions in times I’m restricted finding the expansion that I need.

I explore.

This time of year I would typically have booked tickets for a trip or two, overseas and planned some local adventures as well. I would have made arrangements for a house sitter and done a little prep shopping. My bag would be sitting open in the spare bedroom with piles around it of clothes I would be taking on the journey. I’d be proud of my ability to travel overseas for a month with only a carry on.

I’d make loose plans on places to see and beaches to visit, people to hug and laugh and eat with.

I have a hard time being told what to do. Being grounded is a bummer. Officially, I could travel. I’m not literally grounded. But it is highly recommended that I stay put. As well I wouldn’t want to put the people who love me in the difficult position of saying no to my visit or worse yet, saying yes and being internally uncomfortable the whole time I am there.

So, this year, I will spend my time exploring local lands. My heart hurts for the people I won’t see abroad. But, God willing, they will be there next year for extra long hugs and visits.

And, so, to feed my need I will be sharing old stories of travel, adventure, journeys people I have met and explorations that made me smile.

I hope you smile as well.

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