Easy is Empty

Nothing good is easy.

Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes

Reminder #1: the mountains

Canada Day 2016, I wanted to get to the Ink Pots at Johnston Canyon. Despite my super relaxed photo below, it was a ton of work. I was sweaty, hot and tired. Why did I do it? Because it seems these journeys are always worth it. Not only is it worth it but when I get to where I’m going, the tougher the climb the bigger the wow factor at my destination. The Ink Pots (seven cold mineral pools) were found in a beautiful meadow, surrounded by distant peaks and the scenery was gorgeous. The pools bubbled up and the landscape was serene and breathtaking.

Was it easy? No.

Was it worth it? Oh yes.

On our return, Kevin pointed out that no one passed us on the way up or down. “It’s called track position!” he said connecting it to racecars. No wonder I was spent.

Reminder #2: the prairies

On Sunday, Humna and I decided to find some elevations on the flat, flat prairie. We found some really awesome canyons at Claybanks. As I huffed and puffed my way to the top, again sweaty and out of breath I turned around and looked out over the land. I felt like I could look to the edge of the universe. Stunning. It was not easy but it was so worth it.

The Greek word ζορί (pronounced “zorry”) means to force or push something out among other meanings. I feel like whenever there is a large amount of effort to get to a result, whether it’s a finish line, the top of a mountain, or the end of a project there always seems to be that “Thank you. Yes! I made it!” moment. And that moment is the thing that sweetens the end of it all.

I don’t know if I like easy

It’s empty. Easy is like “oh there it is” and you move along without much of a second thought. A difficult or challenging journey offers that sweet satisfaction that is full, full, full of all sorts of feelings, reactions and experiences. Writing a book doesn’t happen in a day, a month or sometimes even a year but the work is worth it. As I think about this blog post I am grateful that I’m okay with difficult journeys because those of you who know me know that a lot of my life has been up hill. And that’s okay! Because like Shonda says, nothing good is easy.

*originally posted April 6th, 2017

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