Paying Attention to Gorgeous Details

I found a beautiful quote and I would love to credit the gorgeous human who wrote it but I’m not sure who said it. So, who ever you are, thank you for the following:

Joy has ebbed and flowed in my life.  Currently my joy is not quite the innocent, automatic, authentic response of a child but I do get super excited about all sorts of things: this coffee is so dark and delicious; the fall air; no commercials on the Greek radio station I’m listening to; the ginger soap I showered with; the hike; bright yellow leaves on a blue fall sky. The volume on my life experience is a bit louder. And I love that.

I appreciate all the small things and maybe all those sweet small things tape together everything else?

Maybe a list of awesome stuff is a simple but efficient way to start.

Making my list and checking it twice

Do I just need to make a list of things that excite me to be happier? No. It’s not enough but it’s an excellent start. Taking a seat and writing down or calling out, giving voice to things that please us reminds us about ourselves and about what may put a smile on our faces.

My phone is also a tool. I have joked that it can be used for good and for evil, much like The Force. I use it to document my world. This is good. When I look back at the photos I smile. It’s a good life. The pictures are worth 1000 words.

I had my grade nine art class make a list of 20 things they loved.  I picked about three from each list.  When people share the things that bring them joy I believe it is a little vulnerable. Sharing is like “I love this thing please don’t make fun of it.”  It’s brave and confident and can remind us where our passions and pleasures dwell.

Examples of “awesome” from 14 year old’s

Summer, fishing, building stuff, my bed, Nirvana & Pink Floyd, word-searches, pierogies, telling jokes, the color yellow, sushi, fog, rain, old televisions, spicy things, hiking, camping, autumn, swimming, music, donuts, San Francisco, organizing, sliding around the house in socks, driving to my grandpa’s, paddle boarding, NYC, soup, the Badlands, seeing wild animals, the sound of chirping birds, rainy days, hot chocolate, paint ball, bonfires, being clean, basketball, the beach, coffee, action movies, ice cream, monkeys, pickles, waterfalls and rapid waters, electric skateboards, unicycles, biking down parkades, making new outfits, taking hot showers, cleaning my room, fishing, camping, Christmas, Canada, kayaking, early morning walks, hard shell tacos, stepping on crunchy leaves, going on the boat, braiding hair, bike rides, orange, poutine, walking in cities I haven’t been to before, candy, airports, running, weekends, neighborhoods with lots of trees.

Your turn.

Take a few minutes and make your own list of ten things you are in awe about. I tell my students not to be too specific and not too be too general. If nothing else your list could trigger some pleasant thoughts.

What’s on your list? What pictures are on your phone?


2 thoughts on “Paying Attention to Gorgeous Details

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  1. Yet another awesome post! Thank you! My list: Fall colours in Saskatchewan, laying in the grass, looking at photos from past trips, swinging, music (singing & dancing), organizing, connecting with others, smell of coffee, building things, hot sand under my feet and a Saskatchewan sunset.

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