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I am usually loaded with words---too many sometimes, if you ask Dave, my writing partner. You'd think that would be a blessing if you're a writer. Well, I have learned that it's more about finding the right words rather than having just a massive pile of them. One afternoon in the senior art class at... Continue Reading →

Is Everybody Creative

When I was in Grade One, our teacher, Mrs. Lawrence, would put a piece of paper that was super big (probably only 11x17 but it felt gigantic) on each desk and then she would go around the class with a permanent marker and make a line or a squiggle on everyone's page. From that single... Continue Reading →

A Creative Dose

I had a visitor during my morning class, another teacher---she teaches social studies. She sat near my desk studying the room. Quiet indie music played from the speaker in the corner while the students leaned over their large beautiful pastel portraits, working and blending colors, completely focused. "Look at them." She said with a smile.... Continue Reading →

Transforming Stuff

I own a beautiful necklace. It used to be a plate---a plate from a china set my mom got for me when I was in my early teens. It was important for a good Greek girl to have a fancy set of dishes. Maybe it was a financial thing. You know, people with money had... Continue Reading →

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