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What you’re about to read is a direct copy of the Counios and Gane newsletter. David said I shouldn’t copy and paste it because we don’t want to have the same content for both our Counios and Gane newsletters and my blog. However, I don’t think we have the same audience…and I like the idea that you can read a newsletter (right now) to see our tone, how different we are, and how we treat our monthly minutes to our readers. I also like the idea that one of you may sign up for David’s newsletter because you read my post.

He definitely has a different voice than me, and that’s cool. I think that’s part of the Counios and Gane superpower—that we bring different skills, attitudes, and even a distinctive vocabulary to the page.

Just for the record I generally agree with David’s suggestions, except for this specific share (not directly copying our newsletter)—but I also really liked what we wrote this month. I feel like such a rebel—ish.

The newsletter

Sometimes newsletter ideas come from chats David and I have or from direct suggestions from me or David. This month, on David’s suggestion, we’re going to talk about our own personal blogs/websites.

I have been blogging on my own since April 13, 2020. When I began I had a few goals:

1. To post (on average) weekly.

2. To use my own photographs as much as possible.

3. To be as authentic as possible (tone, spelling errors and all).

I have achieved these goals. I have also achieved a certain satisfaction with the blog I have built. I like it.

When I first decided to have my own official blog it was a stressful process. According to the research I was supposed to have a focus (travel blog, food blog, tech blog). There was no blog-blog where I fit in or even wanted to. I wasn’t sure how to proceed with the theme or topics—even technically (WordPress, Ghost, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.) Let’s face it, all of that is David’s wheelhouse, not mine. But, Dave, being Dave was very helpful and did assist me in setting up

Since then I have written 165 posts. Just a little over my goal of one a week. And, without intense promoting (I basically just share on my social media pages) I’m still always pleasantly surprised by a new follower. What brings them to me? What did I write that spoke to them? Are they a bot? I hope not. This hasn’t stopped me from carrying on. I’m a learn-as-I-go human. Just ask David.

I have achieved my initial goals, and also gave myself a place to practice storytelling, and writing. I have practiced vulnerability and humour. I haven’t found a niche unless the meandering experiences of a middle-aged, writer, teacher, creative, adventurer type is a niche.

I feel like there are some next steps I would like to take—perhaps polishing what I do at, promoting my own writing. I’m not sure.

I look at Dave’s website and consider what mine lacks. His is just so polished. He’s consistent. He definitely has a tone in his written word that is different than mine. He has an eye for the digital page. And fortunately, he’s a good instructor and he’s always open to my questions.

Below is David’s part of our March newsletter.

David’s Part

A few days ago, Angie wrote a blog post called David and I. It’s personable and filled with early stories about her and me. And that’s the wonderful thing about her writing and her blog: she shares a lovely part of herself and seems to do it effortlessly.

I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I don’t open up as much and write a lot of writing and storytelling.

But I write a lot. I do it daily, and it’s always about my obsessions and struggles as a writer. I say I’m doing it to help others—and don’t get me wrong, I am—but it’s also a therapy session—a place to put the stuff in my head on the page.

I’m trying to be more open and personable like Angie. I’ve been slowly shifting my monthly newsletter (please, please subscribe) over to something my sister would read. I’ve told her this, and although I haven’t this month yet, here’s hoping. 🤞

When I suggested this month’s theme to Angie, I hoped to convince some of her readers to visit me (again, please, please subscribe), but I’ve really done a shit job convincing you. So here’s what you’ll get if you do:

– my monthly obsessions: reading, movies and TV, podcasts, and tools.

– maybe a quote. I’m still testing that.

– some personal stories to make people think I’m an actual human, not some weird alien who likes storytelling.

In conclusion, subscribe (please, please). And if you are here because of me, check out Angie’s blog. It’s very much her vibe!

In conclusion

So, there we have it. Our desire to see each other’s successes is coupled with our separate and supported work. If you read this and you think you’d like to give David Gane a go, my opinion is that your minute or two reading his work is worth it (especially if you’re a writer, or even interested in writing). I also think you may (after reading my posts) wonder how we even collaborate? Well, that’s a story for another time.

As always, thank you for reading lovelies.

P.S. The main photo was taking at our local television station for an interview and the photo below was a still taken from a youtube video we did, when we were doing that.

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