Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice was a couple of days ago—the longest day of the year. The day I chase the light, spiritually, metaphorically, and sometimes literally. I get out there somewhere and watch the sun drop past the horizon. Her long lazy slow journey. It’s like she’s saying ‘Hey there, isn’t it nice out? I think I’ll stay a while and shine some light on you all.’ The sun dipped below the horizon around 9:15 pm and the daylight illuminated the low sky well past 10 pm.

This year I didn’t do much out of the ordinary. I didn’t even find a spot in a field to watch the sun do her thing. I did spend some time outside.

I appreciated the daisies, waving in my messy backyard. I listened to the staccato of the rain. And then the calm after the rain. I savored the tacos at supper—spicey—hot. There were conversations with a friend. When she left I settled into the love seat on my porch. Finally, the evening greeted the land as the orange glow of the sun warmed my eyes. I exhaled the day. Gave it up to the atmosphere.

I lit some candles for the transitioned from day into night and the sky turned into that mystical indigo.

I sat in quiet contemplation. Safe. My heart happy. Appreciative of every ordinary moment on this longest day of the year.

Happy Solistice.

As always, thank you for reading lovelies.

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