Book Launches and Meetings: An Evolution

About a week ago David and I had a book launch for our fourth book, Shepherd’s Call, in our pentalogy of the Shepherd and Wolfe series. We are currently working on the last one. The launch was exactly what I expected, a great success. We sold lots of books in a short amount of time, met lots of readers and had a blast. I was gushing with gratitude. It’s been two years since we’ve done any face to face chatting with readers and fans. This was a long time coming.

Evolutions in book launches

Our first book, self published, was a quiet little gathering in the front of an off the beaten track coffee shop by day and live-indie-venue-by-night sort of place. I threw a time out on social media and people popped in and purchased a book. It felt lovely that people were curious enough and kind enough to come by. I don’t recall having a launch for the new and improved version of that same book, Along Comes a Wolfe. I don’t recall having a launch for Shepherd’s Watch. Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing, our third creation, we celebrated at a local brewery. It was a sunny afternoon. People came and went. We didn’t have decorations but we did have a pile of donuts and we had friends help with sales. Some people purchased a beer from the establishment after they picked up their signed book. Others just left—with a book which equally pleased us.

As our experience in the book and author world grows so does the book launch. Last week was a little more. More snacks. More decorations. More people. More books. It. Was. Awesome. We were happy. Launching books has evolved and I can’t wait for the last book of this series and the party it will be.

De-evolutions in meetings

Meetings have also changed over the years. Bi-weekly. Weekly. In person. Now they are a consistent morning meeting, daily, 7:30-8:00 a.m. 99% of the time we have a video meeting and occasionally a phone call. It’s slick and easy. Useful and efficient. When we need to we meet in person for things like packing orders for books to send off. The goal for both Dave and I was to be able to write from where ever we are on the planet, enjoying life and our career with words. It’s definitely headed in that direction.

Awkward beginnings

Going through old posts I this reflection on a meeting I had with Dave. It made me laugh. We were meeting at his house. My sister was there. I grabbed a drink from the fridge and had a visit with my sister. Unfortunately, I had an awkward moment and spilled the drink I had.

Dave: Ang, are you coming?
Me: Be right up!! (Oh, crap.)
Dave: Ang? What are you doing?
Me: Nothing…?
Dave: Ang…did you spill the beer?
Me: Ummm….no…? (I can’t lie) YES!!! Sooorrrrry. Be right up!

Dear Dave:
Thanks for the stout. I’m sorry I spilled in on your light coloured couch. I’m sorry for me as well. I really wanted more than two ounces. Oh well. Better than nothing I guess. Oh, and thanks for the citrus. Keeps your partner healthy.

Say thanks to my sis for helping me clean it up. Actually, she’ll likely read this. Thanks sister!!

Dave, I know you’re bummed about what we may be putting our characters through. You usually pace and you did lots of it tonight, however by the end it looked like you needed a rest (and perhaps a therapist). Nice to see you expose that soft side (wink-wink).

Thanks again for the good writing session and sorry for the spill.

I had made a mess of my partner’s living room but we had a good writing session and that may be all that matters (mostly). As much as there is energy in meeting in person and working with another person there is also a convenience in the technology of being able to meet but simply pushing a button. And, my couch is safe because as a general rule I don’t drink alone.

I’m not sure which I prefer.

As always, enjoy the read.

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