Shepherd and Wolfe

David, my writing partner, and I are launching the fourth book in the Shepherd and Wolfe Mystery Series, Shepherd’s Call this May 25th. Every time another completed book lands in our hands we get very excited. There are a lot of feelings. Relief. Happiness. Feelings of success. Anticipation on how it will be received. Pride. Surrender. Exhaustion.

It’s all those things.

When we wrote Along Comes a Wolfe we didn’t actually know, in the early stages, that this would be more than one book. I’ll speak for myself—I thought it was going to be a one off. But, from that first story came questions—the main one being why did Charlie Wolfe do the things he did? David and I started addressing those and realized that there was more to the story than just one book. And, so, the building of the Shepherd and Wolfe Mystery Series began: Shepherd’s Watch, and Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing followed.

We are slowly putting together the launch—finding a venue, pre-signing books, finding helpers, advertising, pumping up social media, inviting friends, getting decorations, food, pens. We look forward to meeting our readers and apologizing to them for making them wait for so long with the most wicked cliff hanger at the end of Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing. What can we say? Sorry? Not sorry. We like building hype?

I am counting down the days (May 25th, 6-8 pm at the Cathedral Social Hall) to getting Shepherd’s Call in the hands of readers, starting the ball rolling again in the Counios and Gane world of writing, and taking Shepherd and Wolfe out for some metaphorical fresh air. We’ve worked hard and invested a lot of time and love into making this book (and all the books) happen.

And, just so you know there is one more book coming after this to complete the series.

Time to go do some social media promos.

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