Viral Lessons

I’d like to apologize for lying.

I said that I would only make one post about Covid-19 but this is my second post. Sorry. Actually, I think I’m going to throw my dear friend Barbara Bell under the proverbial bus. She came over for an impromptu visit. It’s been 24 months since the initial pandemic lock downs and horrific health stats. Twenty four months since the world essentially shut down. Barb and I pondered over tea and dates.

She said Covid-19 made us see what was completely necessary for our lives and what was basically unnecessary—stuff, people, activities—all of it.

Well the (Barbara) bell did toll indeed—and loud. Her statement was grand. I stopped listening to her for a few minutes (sorry Barb). I began making an itemized list of all the things that I did over the last eighteen months, what things I eliminated, what was taken away and what remained. What were my daily tasks? What people and things did I need and what fell away unnoticed without a longing in my heart.

The first two weeks of lock down I treated like the longest most relaxing weekend ever except that it lasted about two weeks not two days. I did however, understand that I needed a plan. This never ending weekend couldn’t go on forever. The problem solver in me came up with a solution.

Because I’m such a go-al getter I made more lists.

My daily check list included the following: pray, meditation, water (drinking enough), journal, workout, getting outside, working out and yoga. Reading and writing (I am committed to Counios and Gane). Blogging, some form of creativity, and a bedtime routine. It’s a basic list but I think it helped me get through peacefully from day to day with physical, spiritual and mental stimulation.

My social circles tightened right up. Because they had to. I did foster a couple of relationships that were time zone dependent. My friend Maria, who lives in Greece would be at home in the evening while I’d be at work but with my new less rigid schedule we were able to hang out more.

Many people floundered with this lack of direction but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to waste my days. Even the time off at the beginning felt like a gift.

What I realized about myself is that although I love people and I love making connections I’m also super duper skilled at being a lone wolf. Yes. That’s a skill. I have taken to the moments of silence and solitude like a delicious warm sweet tea. It’s good for me. It comforts me and I want it.

The final realization was how important every single person is for our world to move along smoothly. Each person has a task and is relative—the person who stocks the shelves, the garbage collectors, factory workers, those who clean and organize and run business—each person is needed.

We are all needed. I hope that we can remember this as we move away from the days of lock downs and quarantines and all the things that came with this strange, unique and challenging time. I hope that we can now itemize the things we really need and the things we don’t. Fingers crossed that day by day these all just become history and our learnings stick.

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