Cheat Days. Are They a Thing?

I promised myself that I would try my very best to publish a blogpost once a week. April 13, 2020 was the start of my blogging journey. April 2021 my hope was to have 52 posts. I did it. I met my goal. In fact I’m into the start or 2022 and I have exceeded my goal by quite a few blogs. Yay me.

I do grapple with the focus of my blog and what the point of all of this is, and this idea may be a whole other post but for now these 100 plus stories and thoughts are a great place to exercise my words and maybe catch a reader or two.

I’ve watched my writing partner do things like write a post a day! A. DAY. What the actual hell!! That’s way too much for me. He didn’t do it for a long time but the fact is he did it. The sheer concept made my brain and fingers tingly.

Time for a rest

I remember needing a rest. I would crave taking time off. Like, making the conscious choice that I wasn’t going to write anything on here or anywhere. I would wonder if there was anything to even write about. But I don’t do that anymore. I’m in the business of story telling. And, if I love it why do I need to rest from it. Like—for real. Writing is the job that I want to do every single day. So my cheat day is not a day off from writing.

How about treats?

I thought about food and how a person with a weight goal sticks to their menu and exercise plan but occasionally they have a cheat day where they may not work out or they have a piece of something delicious that may be a little bad for them. They deserve a treat. Don’t they?

Is a treat or a cheat day really a good thing?

A few years back I attended a teachers retreat where I met a very strong woman who survived a horrible fire and had scars on a large portion of her body. She also lost about 200 pounds. She did it all, survived the trauma and got herself healthy through hard mental and physical work. I asked her a lot of questions about that journey. I was really curious about her fortitude to lose so much weight and keep it off and to survive such a horrible accident. She talked about how committed she was to the end goal.

“Do you treat yourself, ever?” The question was innocent enough. Her reply rang as loud as a bell for me. “Treat? I’m not a dog. I don’t want to reward myself with sugary and unhealthy food because it appeals to a momentary craving. I want to make choices that respect my body.” And that was that. I understood.

So a cheat day from blogging isn’t happening. It doesn’t need to. I’m writing because that is the reward. I’m also not having sugar because, well, it’s full of sugar and that’s not very good for me.

You do you.

Whatever you’re sitting down with, a slice of pie, a piece of chocolate, a pumpkin spice latte, a dark brew with honey…mmmmm—enjoy it just because you enjoy it, not because you have put yourself in a reward and punish cycle. Life should not be about punishment. Life should be about pleasure.

I write because I love story telling and expression through words. I enjoy delicious things because they are delicious not because I went without and now it’s my turn. I don’t keep score like that. I do my best to take care of my body. And, above all of that I try to keep balance.

Back to blogging

I write every day. Some days a lot. Some days a little. But I intend it every day because I like it. I also try avoid refined sugar (some days a lot and some days a little) because I’m worth it and it’s delicious.

2 thoughts on “Cheat Days. Are They a Thing?

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  1. I share your thoughts, and they’re not the most popular thing in the world. After all, people always say to treat yourself to ‘avoid burnout’ or something similar, but I feel that when you’ve found your thing, there’s no burnout even if you do it every day.

    What a lovely story about the fire survivor too! Thanks for the inspiration!

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