There is no I in Team

David and I had our first market after roughly two years (thanks Covid-19) last night and it was quite successful. We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know if we still had what it took to pitch and snag those walking by into engaging with us. It is, after all, a bit of a muscle to capture a random person’s attention and hold it long enough to pique their interest in our books.

Gratefully, neither of us had any regrets which is really encouraging and has me looking forward to more public sales and engagements as we get ready to launch our next book Shepherd’s Call in 2022.

Working together

I’ve talked in some of my other blog posts about being in a co-authorship. I’ve mentioned that David Gane is my writing partner. We are also in-laws. He married my sister. It’s an interesting situation as we have to continue to be kind and loving for the sake of our family relationship even if Counios & Gane hit a few bumps and the opposite is true as well. If we have any sort of family disagreement we have to put them aside for the sake of writing together and finishing our books.

Partnership offers lots of pros and lots of cons. Below are a few of each of the benefits and challenges of working with a partner—specifically Dave.


  • We both bring different skills to the table. Dave’s all tech and I’m, hopefully, the people person.
  • We can be in two places at once—magically.
  • Twice the word count and half the work.
  • Twice the hustle. I love that one.
  • Twice the fun, because really, who wants to laugh alone.
  • Someone will always bring coffee which is totally necessary some days.
  • Costs are half.
  • You don’t actually have to talk to yourself when you’re thinking of ideas as there’s another person in the room.
  • Boy views and girl views on topics add an element of gender equity and gender diversity.
  • You can negotiate passing the baton when you’re tired. It’s not all on my plate. Thank goodness.
  • Extra set of eyes on proofreading, wording, rhythm, all that good stuff.
  • Moral support when one of us is tired or stumped.
  • High fives! They aren’t necessarily always awkward.


  • We have to show up to meetings. You don’t have to show up to meetings when you work alone.
  • Clarity and communication is important when figuring stuff out.
  • Profits are half.
  • Hygiene matters.
  • You have to consider another person before making final decisions
  • Feelings can be hurt if you’re inconsiderate.

As you can see the Pro list is way longer than the Con list. I think if you have a good relationship there really aren’t very many downsides to working with someone. If you have the other person’s best interest in mind and you are both clear on your goal it is a great way to work.

There is an old saying that states if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together. Agreed.

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