It’s Fall

I used to fight the idea of autumn all the way but what good is that? Resisting it is problematic to no one but myself. I realized that going into this season kicking and screaming does no good at all to me or my heart so in true miracle fashion (thank you Marianne Williamson) I’ve shifted my perception towards the entire season.

It’s a new beginning and I know that with that comes change but that’s not always a bad thing. I’ve started paying more attention. I’ve learned to embrace everything about the fall—the shift in season, the cooler evenings, the fresh air, the beautiful turning color of the leaves, the sound of dry leaves crunchy under my feet, extra cozy layers to keep me warm in the morning when I walk and then shedding those layers in the warm autumn afternoon sun. It’s brought back the hot beverages and the fireplace—both pretty terrific aspects of cooler weather.

Transitions and resistance also happened with David (my writing partner) just as the season was shifting. He wanted me to try a new app for collaboration. And let me tell you it was a roller coaster. A. Roller. Coaster. And, not because of anything he said. He was super kind but I freak out any time I have new technology to deal with. I’m not dumb and I’ll figure it out eventually but there’s always that initial moment of resistance. I went back and forth in my mind about using it, not using it, then deciding to use it again. This app really rallied in my head like a tennis ball. And then our meeting day finally came—and in the end we didn’t use the app because it wasn’t ‘all that’ for collaboration. It was a good lesson for me in not resisting. If I would have entered into the suggestion with a simple “sure” I would have saved a lot of precious personal brain time.

Another new beginning was our story building of Wolfe’s Blood. This is the last book in our Shepherd and Wolfe series. I am so excited about his book. I was hesitant at first (are you seeing a theme here) to get started and I put off starting—I’m not exactly sure what the hesitation was. Maybe there’s a standard (with the success of the other books) that I know I want to achieve but let me tell you it’s going so well. There are already so many cool moments that Dave and I are building for our main characters Charlie and Tony. It’s an exciting time for me to feel that buzz when creating a new story.

So, even though there’s been a lot of hesitation there has been a lot of reward and learning too.

It’s going to be a good fall.

*Taking from the Counios and Gane news letter which you can sign up for here.

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