Happy Birthday to Blogging

It’s been one year since I began officially blogging on my own.


In a separate post I will be talking about how Dave managed to get all my old posts back into my sticky little digital fingers and it seems so fitting that it is on the anniversary of this WordPress blog.

It’s been a great year of telling stories.

Things I’ve enjoyed:

Swearing: Ohmagod! I’m such a child! It’s more about expressing myself the way I do—tossing out the occasional cuss word and being solely responsible for the tone and content of this blog. Sole responsibility can be intense though because Dave is a good editor and always made sure my writing made sense. Because, well, sometimes it didn’t. I recruited a really lovely human (Thank you Barb) and she does a fine job pointing out corrections. Barb, can you believe it’s been a whole year of reading my stories?

Photography: My amateur photography has found a home! I’ve enjoyed rooting through my own images and I’m pretty proud of the fact that every photo is my own—almost—except for the photo of the comet Neowise. Emma—her drawings, Trish—her kids. I did give the photographers credit.

Paying attention: I’m looking at life for content and paying attention to my daily and weekly details. Thinking to myself would this or that make a good story. Listening to what my friends say and considering their experiences as part of the whole. And then looking a little further than that at the world.

Practice: As a writer it’s important to maintain some kind of routine and practice. Blogging is fine way of training.

Storytelling: According to my friend Maria I have that story telling gene. She says my cousin Christos has it and I also have it. Maybe she’s right or maybe I just talk too much. Either way I’ve got words inside me and I’m happy I’ve found a place for them to land.

Thank you

It’s been a great year of weekly stories. I’m grateful I got brave enough to do this. I’m also grateful for every single person who reads what I write.

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