Harvest Time

The Fruits of Our Labour

The bounty of the harvest is happening right now. Farmers are almost done combining their fields, and my gardening friends and family have gathered the last of  their vegetables from the land. I’ve been gifted many fresh veggies, and it’s one of my favourite things about autumn. I’m grateful for all the delicious seasonal foods.  

All these vegetables result from the slow process of putting a seed in the ground, tending to it, watering it, weeding and fertilizing it so that the seed grows into something delicious and useful. And generally this process is very successful. But this takes patience, work and maybe a little faith that the harvest will be favourable. I don’t think that farmers and gardeners get enough credit for what they do. 

And that’s kind of how I feel about writing these days as I grapple with the balance of teaching and writing. Even though it seems somewhat miraculous from the outside that words fill a page and books just appear on the shelves of bookstores, there is a long tending process. 

So I’m working on having patience and faith in this work-write/ work-life balance, as my metaphorical garden is tended to. 

*This post was taken from the Counios and Gane newsletter for this month.

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