A Bit About My Writing Life: Counios and Gane

I haven’t talked a lot about the Counios and Gane side of things. We have a website and a newsletter. We are international award winning authors with awards and finalist placements from the United States and Canada (Montana, Michigan, Washington D.C., Ontario, Saskatchewan). We have appeared on radio and television. We’ve moderated discussions with writers and been on panels ourselves, done book-to-film pitches, book signings, and book talks. We’ve done readings in various places as well as at the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan festival (although our book is not a Shakespeare type they invite a variety of local writers).

Generally the whole writing gig has been a big fat amazing road. This summer has been the best indication of what life could be like if I were only carrying one career —being an author because from September to June I busy myself with teaching. I am a public high school teacher. I balance both careers, however, I love teaching and this specific summer for giving me the opportunity to take one job off my plate.

So let’s talk a bit about summer

It’s August 1st and I have found myself smack dab in the middle of a summer, switching off July and turning into August with some hot-hot-hot days and some gorgeous rolling storms. Land of living skies is truly a thing in this part of the country, especially during storm season.  And, I cannot express enough how happy I am with the heat—especially since I am not in Greece this summer.

The other night, in the thick, humid stillness of the evening I went for a soaking hot walk. It reminded me of being at my Auntie’s house in Katerinoskalo, Greece where I often walk alone in the evenings. A tiny mental trip that I enjoyed.

Not just a blogger

In my about page, here on WordPress, I talk about being a writer. I am the co-author of the Shepherd and Wolfe murder mystery series. My writing partner is David Gane and our books Along Comes a Wolfe, Shepherd’s Watch and Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing are the first three in a five part series. We are currently working on Shepherd’s Call. I’m very proud of these stories. They are like my babies and I never knew how much I would love writing until I did.

I am a story teller.

Counios and Gane tasks

One of my pleasures this month was doing some personal deliveries of our books to readers. It was a thrill.  Maybe it’s the kid in me that enjoyed the drop-ding-dong-dash of leaving a package at the door, giggling the whole time, waiting for the homeowner/book lover to grab their package,  then driving away waving. One particular book delivery was extra special as I knew that the reader was a new mom and I LOVE babies.

Baby deliveries

I am a doula (birthing assistant) and support the mom (and dad) during deliveries. I have had the incredible honor of being present when babies are born, entrusted with the life changing vulnerable moment. I have held mama’s hand during, sometimes a leg, depending on what was required. I have held brand new babies and even cut the cord for one little human when dad turned white and shook his head. Poor daddy. It’s a bit of a gruesome show sometimes.

I love the power that a baby has. I love that they don’t break eye contact, that they are a tiny knowledge sucking machine, that they can manage to ask for what they want without one single word. I love that their existence is essentially just love.

I do not have my own children but have come into a beautiful way of being and I experience other forms of nurturing and mothering. I see myself as lucky and not lacking.

Back to book deliveries

When I arrived at the home I saw Robin’s husband mowing the lawn and at a not so perfect moment I accidentally scared the hell out of the poor guy trying to subtley make my presence known. I asked if Mama and Baby were sleeping and if they were okay with a Covid safe visit. He let me right in. I had the blessing of holding sweet baby Will, a three month old. His face was so exquisitely expressive and his skin was perfect. He smiled and cooed and laughed. I was happy to hand over the package of books in trade for this little human for a few minutes. Robin and I chatted about the books and about the baby. She had just finished reading Along Comes a Wolfe and wanted to get into the next two books.

After that visit I realized that I have seriously missed chatting with readers (no thanks to Covid!). Dave and I are really good at the one-on-one with people at markets and book signings. We just really enjoy meeting people and having those interactions.  Without knowing it ahead of time this book delivery fulfilled a need I didn’t even know I had missed.

I also got baby cuddles and what’s better than that? And, I made friends with Lyra, Robin’s kitty.


So if you’d like a book from the Shepherd and Wolfe series contact us. We’ll get it to you, maybe even have a quick doorstep visit or ding-dong-dash. 

Welcome to August.

I hope it’s a beauty of a month for everyone.


*full disclosure: parts of this post were taken out of the Counios and Gane newsletter. Maybe you’d like to sign up for that.

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