Happy Canada Day

I am Canadian.

But first I was Greek, born there. I got my citizenship here as a child. I wrote a post about becoming a citizen here.

I have this analogy that Greece is my biological mom and Canada is my adoptive mom.

My biological mom, Greece, is beautiful, gorgeous actually. She has the bluest water and she makes the sweetest wine and she’s such a good cook. Like seriously so many pleasures. She’s hot. Quite literally. She’s wild, has an incredibly long and crazy history. She’s been around and been invaded. She likes to party and she definitely shows me a good time when I go to visit. Her vibe is a party. She is all about the beaches and there is an unstable-ness to her which makes her all the more exciting.

My adoptive mom, Canada, she’s pretty too but in a much more natural way. She hasn’t been around as long. She’s much younger but also much more practical. She’s all about making sure I eat, doing my homework, finishing school and settling down. She wants me to get a home and if I get sick she knows I’m taken care of without a worry. She wants me to have a life that has as little stress as possible and as many opportunities as possible. Bless her!

These two mamas care for me and I love them both. They have such important jobs in my life. One started me off with some pretty deep culture and ethnic origin and the other introduced me to a world of varied cultures, pointed me in the direction of nature, introduced me to my indigenous friends and showed me the bigness of her on this planet, even though she’s quite subtle in demeanor compared to other countries.

It’s her birthday today.

I think that’s worth celebrating!

Happy birthday Canadian Mama.

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