# 34

What kind of story would Munish tell? After the production of #34, at Regina's Globe Theatre, I stayed for the opening night party. I chatted with Munish, congratulating him on his success as the playwright and performer. He told me that when he started developing the idea for this story he was prompted by the... Continue Reading →

Shepherd and Wolfe and Student A

A student I taught was stabbed at a shopping centre a few years ago. He ran to tackle an individual who was attacking others in what was likely a gang initiation. In the process this young man was hurt. Fortunately his injuries were not fatal. He took some time off, healed up and came back... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Writing

Dave and I meet every morning at 7:30. Our meetings last anywhere from five minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes we build our story. Sometimes we talk business. Sometimes we simply check in. "You there? Yep. Meeting? Nope. Catch you tomorrow? Bye!" This is a different schedule than we've ever had. And, although I am not... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with a YA Reader

I recently got a notification on Pinterest that someone wanted to send me a message. I didn't make any connections to the name so out of curiosity I accepted. It turns out it was my cousin's daughter in Greece. She's in Grade 10. Below is the conversation we had about the Shepherd and Wolfe series... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Canada

I had intended on posting something completely different.  But then the phone rang.Ma and Ba (my parents) called to wish me a happy anniversary.  Anniversary? It’s April 17th—wait a minute—It’s April 17th!  This is the day that we landed in Canada from Greece a long time ago.  I was just a little one. Walking and... Continue Reading →

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