Morning Meetings

And now that I like mornings... Here's how our daily morning meetings look. I get a Ready? text from David and he gets a Yup from me. Facetime sounds. I tap on it. Most of the time I'm already in the kitchen getting coffee and making breakfast. Occasionally, when I sleep in a little (Yes,... Continue Reading →

Mornings, I Love You—Now.

I am very slowly evolving into a morning person. I didn't always like mornings---at all. Ins and outs I can pinpoint the moment I realized that maybe I was missing out by sleeping in. The shift in my attitude about early mornings changed in the early 2000s when I was forced to go out. I... Continue Reading →

What Dan the Electrician Said

We’re all at home doing the social distancing, the self-isolating, the quarantining thing. We were plunged into this suddenly back in March and now that it’s been two months I can say that I have shimmied myself into a way of being that isn’t terrible, but I have someone to thank:  Dan, the electrician. I’m... Continue Reading →

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